Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Glass makes bricks

Thousands of tons of CRT glass have been exported to the Netherlands where the glass is reprocessed and encapsulated into concrete construction blocks called - wait for it.... Legioblocks.  And these blocks are then sold back to the UK.

The export is authorised by the Environment Agency and several UK CRT processing firms are very upset stating this practice would not be allowed in the UK, where the law stipulates that the CRT glass must be reprocessed in the UK to BATRRT (best available treatment recovery and recycling techniques).  It seems the Legioblocks fall below British reprocessing guidelines and yet they are sold back to us.

The Environment Agency is defending its stance on the export to the Netherlands company - a spokesman saying "Once waste is turned into blocks it is not a waste product, as such it is not subject to waste regulations.”