Wednesday, 3 March 2010

March 2010 - What happens to your old equipment

Some of our customers have had questions recently about what happens to the equipment that we collect for them so we thought you might like a brief summary of the processes.

London Facilities and CRS have been handling used and redundant computer equipment for over 15 years and have innovated and streamlined to keep up with changes in environmental legislation and technological development.

Our aim is to provide a compliant and secure service that is not only cost effective but also friendly, flexible and efficient. Our broking arm helps us to keep costs down, extend the useful life of equipment and reduce environmental impact and waste.

The journey your equipment takes starts when we collect your inventory and you sign the Transfer Note. The equipment is then taken to a storage facility for assessment of age and condition which includes identifying complete units and components for resale, and auditing all items by asset/tag number or headcount.

This is followed by data destruction which can be done in a variety of ways. Some clients request physical destruction of disks, otherwise we would use a data wiping system such as Blancco, DBan, Killdisk or manufacture specialist wiping such as HP Smartstart.

Physical processing follows where the equipment is stripped for useful components, PCB’s and materials recovery. Plastics and metals and glass are then recycled.

The paperwork you receive includes a copy of the transfer note, audit of the equipment and certificate of disposal. If we have been able to resell complete units a credit will be returned to you.

We hope this clarifies things for you and please do contact us if you need any further information.