Tuesday, 1 September 2009

September 2009 - Reviewing Your Asset Management

Many IT managers see asset management as a complex process and one which tends to drift down their task list.

Streamlining your asset management can mean saving costs and improving budgeting. The implementation of the WEEE Directive has led to the belief among many IT departments that the onus for recording electronic waste rests primarily with their suppliers. In practice all organizations are responsible for their own electronic waste disposal and the appropriate recording of these disposals.

Points to remember:
Ensure all contractors are properly licensed by the Environment Agency.
Keep proper records of each disposal including transfer notes, audits where appropriate and certification of disposal.
Let your contractor know what type of audit you require before collection and processing
If you think there is value and your equipment might be resold, try to give as much information as possible on the specifications.
Have regular audits of your inventory to enable you to take advantage of potential resale values of your equipment.
Check you have the relevant site registrations up to date e.g. Hazardous Waste registration numbers.

We know that most of our clients are on top of their asset management systems and if we can help in any way to bolster these systems, do get in touch and let us help take the headache out of managing your IT assets.

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